Jiangsu Baoli Automation Technology Co., Ltd.

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Baoli Introduction

Founded in 2005, Baoli is located in the beautiful city of Xiangtai,

Taizhou. After 10 years of development, it has developed into a

modern R&D enterprise for R&D and software development of

packaging equipment for financial products. The total construction area of the company is 19,000 square meters, including 5,000

square meters in production and assembly area, 5,000 square

meters in machining area and 9000 square meters in office

development area. The company has 75 employees, including 29

technical engineers, accounting for 38.67%. In June 2013, it

established the “Jiangsu Baoli Automation Technology Co., Ltd.

R&D Center” in Nanjing, focusing on mechanical design,

electrical design, software design and so on. High-end talents,

strong technical team. The company's main products are: industrial robots, visual inspection equipment, intelligent equipment,

automatic logistics packaging production lines, intelligent control

system development, production information software.


The company has long been paying attention to the research and

development of new products and continuous product

improvement. While obtaining the ISO9001:2008DE certification of

the product quality system, it has strengthened the internal

management and employee training of the company, and started

the online network business school of Jiangsu Baoli Automation

Technology Co., Ltd. Every employee of the company can receive

the training of famous domestic lecturers, reduce the production

cost of the enterprise through management, and improve the

overall quality of the employees through training, so as to achieve

the purpose of improving product quality.
The company's products include logistics packaging, robot

applications, visual inspection, and information acquisition systems. It has developed the transportation, transportation, electroplating

and printing logistics lines for the printing and coin-making

enterprises in the country, and the special equipment for

coin-making enterprises such as white cake detection and

elimination equipment and metal chain plate machines. It has

specially developed the first localized RMB automatic link linkage

line and information management system for the People's Bank of China, breaking the monopoly of foreign companies in this field,

and realizing the construction of the People's Bank of China in

order to change the backwardness of China's RMB packaging. Banknote processing information system, research and development

with clear business process information automation; real-time data collection; management indicators intelligent monitoring, alarm and multi-dimensional flexible reports, automatic, networked provision of banknote processing data collection, transmission, storage and

processing Guarantee. Provided complete sets of packaging lines

for CNOOC, Sinopec, and US-owned enterprises, robots, palletizing, demolition and other equipment.
Our company can provide a complete set of equipment project

planning and implementation from the overall plan, equipment

design, equipment manufacturing, installation and commissioning

and after-sales service according to the needs of customers.
The company is headquartered in Taizhou City, Jiangsu Province,

with a profound cultural and cultural heritage. The technology

research and development center is located in Nanjing, the

ancient capital of the Six Dynasties.
Warmly welcome customers at home and abroad to order and

use our products.